Membership Dues

Effective 1/1/13
ASSOCIATE $100.00 Civic, Fraternal, Religious, Organizations,
GOVERNMENT $100.00 Elected or Appointed
INSURANCE $190.00 plus $45.00 per each additional agent
REALTORS $190.00 or $270.00 if there are more than 3 realtors
FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS $185.00 plus $10.00 per million in assets
PROFESSIONALS $210.00 plus $155.00 for each additional professional (Accountants, Physicians, Dentists, Engineers, Veterinarians, Investors, Chiropractors, Attorneys, Pharmacists, Funeral Directors.)
INDIVIDUAL MEMBER $32.00  Retirees, Farmers, Individuals
INDUSTRIAL 1 – 10 employees           $215.00
11 – 50 employees         $375.00
51 – 99 employees         $635.00
100 – 199 employees     $815.00
200 + employees          $1015.00
SERVICE/RETAIL/WHOLESALE 1 – 10 employees           $200.00
11 – 20 employees         $360.00
21-50 employees           $515.00
50 + employees             $675.00
Printers, Credit & Lending, Title Companies, Movers, Waste Disposal, Radio, News, Cable, Exterminators, General Contractors, Refrigeration, Electrician, Heating & Air Conditioning, Hospitals, Restaurants, etc.)
All membership dues are to be paid in January.  If you are joining in the middle of the year, you can call the Chamber and we will figure your prorated dues for you or you can divide the amount due by twelve and multiply it by the number of months remaining in the year.  The Chamber’s Board of Directors determine the rate schedule. The schedule is based upon anticipated annual cost of the Chamber’s activities, programs and operational expenses. Membership assessments in the Chamber of Commerce may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Dues paid to the Chamber are not a charitable tax deduction for federal income tax purposes.